OBJECTIVE #1 - Points earned on the APR will identify program strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Strategy #1 - District will meet or exceed state assessment targets in all subject areas and grade levels. 
    • Action #2 - Provide high quality professional development opportunities to support improved teaching strategies/techniques and testing results.(GLE's). (Please code Obj. 1, S1, A2 on workshop requests)
    • Action #5 - Provide adequate training for all regular classroom teachers to work effectively with at-risk students and students with special needs. (Please code Obj. 1, S1, A5 on workshop requests)
    • Action #7 - All students will achieve proficient level in Comm Arts and Math. (Please code Obj. 1, S1, A7)
  • Strategy #4 - Improve Instruction, Comprehension, and Assessment of reading
    • Action #1 - Improve Title I Reading for each student in grades PK-5. (Please code Obj. 1, S4, A1 on workshop requests)
    • Action #3 - Provide ongoing, systematic, high quality professional development to enhance the quality of instruction and student performance in reading. (Please code Obj. 1, S4, A3 on workshop requests)
    • Action #4 - Examine research in reading and demonstrate strategies for applying it to classroom instruction. (NCLB) . (Please code Obj. 1, S4, A4 on workshop requests)

OBJECTIVE #2 - R-V school district campus will be safe for students, staff, and patrons.

  • Strategy #5 - Provide high quality professional development training regarding student issues. 
    • Action #1 - Behavior Intervention Training and strategies will be provided to all staff members. (Please code Obj. 2, S5, A1 on workshop requests)
    • Action #2 - Violence Prevention Training is being implemented and all staff will be educated on prevention techniques. (Please code Obj. 2, S5, A2 on workshop requests)
    • Action #3 - Professional Development Plan will align with the CSIP. A specific teacher mentoring plan will be included in PDC plan. (Please code Obj. 2, S5, A3 on workshop requests)

OBJECTIVE #3 - Implement and utilize educational technologies in the classroom to enhance the learning process.

  • Strategy #3 - All students will be exposed to instructional technology to complement, reinforce, and/or enrich curriculum in all subject areas.  
    • Action #1 - Building technology coordinators will assist classroom teachers with integrating technology into instruction. (Please code Obj.3, S3, A1 on workshop request) 
  • Strategy #4 - Provide specific highly qualified professional development training for staff on how to successfully incorporate technology into curriculum and instructional practices.
    • Action #1 - Provide after-school and summer sessions to educate teachers on current technology training. (Please code Obj. 3, S4, A1 on workshop requests)
    • Action #2 - Continue technology training, such as eMints and handheld in classrooms, to build teacher knowledge and expertise. (Please code Obj. 3, S4, A2 on workshop requests)