Front row (left to right): Cindi-Black Rodgers, Kim Corbin, and Emily Burns

Back row (left to right): Tom Hauser, Adam Stallo, Matt Cupp, and Charles Jobson

Terms and Offices 
Tom HauserPresident
Cindi-Black RodgersVice President
Adam StalloMember
Emily BurnsMember
Matt CuppMember
Charles JobsonMember
Kim CorbinMember
Candi ErvieBoard Secretary
School Board Guidelines

Concerning Public Participation

The open forum provides an opportunity for the public to address the school board at every regular meeting. Anyone wishing to speak to the board should give his/her name and the topic for discussion to the board secretary before the meeting begins. Written materials help the board better understand your comments and may be distributed to the board members. The board president will call upon each person who wishes to speak when it is his/her turn. Comments should be limited to three minutes unless discussed with the board president before the meeting, and approved by the president and one other board officer.

The board and administration will listen to the comments. They will not respond at the meeting.

All comments must be directed toward the board as a whole, and not to any specific member or to any person who is not a board member.

Disrespectful comments, comments of personal nature, and comments about or directly toward an individual either by name or inference will not be allowed.