Instructions for Attending Workshops/Conferences/Seminars
  1. Teacher fills out PDC Workshop Request form and submits a copy of workshop flier to supervising administrator for signature indicating permission to use a professional day and for administrator to request the school car. 
  2. Complete and include information for P.O.s needed, as well as registration form if possible. You will need to make arrangements with a motel for lodging, using your individual credit card to secure and provide the name of the motel, address, fax number, phone number, and room confirmation number with your paperwork turned into a PDC member.  CLICK HERE for current reimbursement rates.  Teacher will be responsible for any costs over the rate.
  3. Submit all paperwork to PDC building representative.   PDC will return your application marked approved or unapproved with comment after their next meeting. 
  4. After approval from the PDC, teacher applying must contact building secretary to request a substitute.  No one else will do this! Be sure to tell Regina (Disney) and Missi (MS/HS) that you are attending a PDC funded activity. 
  5. Upon returning, complete Workshop Evaluation form,  email  a short synopsis of the workshop, fill out the PDC Summary of Receipts form (attaching receipts), and the approved Workshop Request form. Submit this to PDC Treasurer.

*Please contact any PDC member if you need assistance in completing this process.