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April 4, 2023



The Path to Exceptional Education

The residents and the Marceline R-V School District share an ongoing commitment to be educational leaders in rural Missouri by maintaining High Quality Educational Facilities that provide Top Tier Learning Environments and Educational Opportunities for every student. Through the good stewardship of the District with the use of taxpayer dollars, we are now able to continue to move down the path of exceptional education and build on our commitment with further improvements and enhancements.

On Tuesday, April 4, voters of the Marceline R-V School District will be asked to vote on a NO TAX INCREASE Bond Issue which will allow the continuation of improvements at our schools.

For more information, contact Superintendent Dr. Zach Bruner at (660) 376-3371.

District Facility Improvements:

Early Learning Center Needed Improvements

• HVAC energy efficient replacements

• Concrete work at the entrance

• New interior doors for better security

Walt Disney Elem. Needed Upgrades

• New playground equipment, surface, and improved drainage

• Greatly improved security system*

• Replace damaged exterior doors

• Install canopy on South side• Remodel nurse’s bathroom to be ADA compliant

• Replace old interior gym doors with

upgraded secure models

MS/HS Needed Improvements

• HVAC energy efficient replacements

• Greatly improved security system*

• Remodel Middle School bathrooms

• New windows at the HS & Field House

• Tuckpointing at North wall of the HS

*Improved security includes installing card readers at specific entry doors at the HS/MS/Walt Disney Elem. The system’s schedules allow the district to unlock the doors during each period or as deemed necessary. The main entrance to the HS/MS and Walt Disney Elementary will have a new video and intercom system with improved security.

Improvements needed

Keeping our Commitments of High Quality Educational Facilities

Ditch in playground area

Damage to doors

Brick Damage

Door Damage



Proposition Ballot Language

Shall the Board of Education of the Marceline R-V School District, Missouri, without an estimated increase in the current debt service property tax levy, borrow money in the amount of Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000) for the purpose of providing funds for the betterment of school facilities including, without limitation: new safe and secure entrances, exterior doors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) improvements; new playground equipment, improved drainage, nursing office upgrades to meet ADA compliance, and new gymnasium doors at the Elementary School; electrical upgrades, exterior wall repair with tuck pointing, and new windows at the High School; concrete replacement, HVAC improvements, and new interior doors at the Early Learning Center; to the extent funds are available, complete other repairs and improvements to the existing facilities of the District; and issue general obligation bonds for the payment thereof? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the School District is estimated to remain unchanged at $0.8000 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Paid for by  Citizens for Prop C.A.R.E.  

Josh Moore, Chair Person  
800 S Missouri Ave 
Marceline, MO 64658