Here are a few items to keep in mind for those planning on attending the Marceline R-V Graduation on Sunday, July 19th, 2020. 

The recommendation for attendees will be to observe extra safety precautions, such as wear a mask and practice social distancing by observing 6 ft of distancing. At this time, masks will be recommended but not required. In order to meet social distancing guidelines, the number of attendees will be limited to ten guests per graduating senior.

Doors will be locked and guests will not be allowed to enter the building until their graduating senior meets them at their designated entry point to take them to their assigned seating area. We will begin seating at 12:15 so, have your 10 guests present to enter together. 

You must have a ticket to enter. Please have your ticket ready to turn in upon entry. Tickets will be issued to seniors at graduation practice. 

After arriving, please go to your seating area and remain there. 

Restrooms will be available. 

Please bring a water bottle if needed. We have water filling stations in the lobby, but water fountains will be off limits. 

Please limit the movement around the gym after arriving. 

After graduation the graduates processional will lead them out the building. We will then dismiss the crowd by sections out of the gym through their designated entry and exit point. Our goal is to eliminate any congestion or bottle necking through these areas. 

The graduates will meet their families at their designated exit points for pictures.

Please respect others by practicing social distancing throughout the time you are at the school. Thanks to everyone for attending and understanding. 

These plans are subject to change if social distancing or other health guidelines are given by the Linn County Health Department, the CDC or the State of Missouri.