Marceline R-V Schools

2020-2021 WINTER Activity & Athletic Guidelines

Purpose: This document provides the protocols necessary for the safe and successful opening of winter sports and activities.  The rules procedures listed in this document were developed in conjunction with the Linn County Health Department. 

Fan Capacity: Marceline R-V Schools will be operating under a 40% gym capacity threshold for all Junior High, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Basketball Games along with Junior High and High School Wrestling.

  • Maximum gym capacity is 1,200 spectators. (40% of 1,200 = 480) 
  • The district will allow each home participant 4 spectators and visiting participants will be allowed 2 spectators
  • We will be allowing the following in attendance at home contests, not to exceed:
    • Home Fans: Maximum of 384 Fans
    • Visiting Fans: Maximum of 96 Fans
  • With a maximum capacity of 160 in the new gym, each participant (home and visiting) will be allowed two tickets for admission into the new gym
  • Home Seating: North bleachers are reserved for home fans.
  • Visitor Seating: Southeast bleachers are reserved for visitor fans.


Pep Band: Pep band will be allowed to perform on identified nights. Participants will also receive their limit of tickets, as well.

Students: Students will be allowed to attend games on evenings, in which pep band is not playing.


Social distancing is recommended along with the use of a face mask. We ask that families sit in pods together, away from other fans. There will be a designated home and away sections in both gyms.


Mat Classic: We will not be allowing fans to be in attendance.

Youth Activities: There will be no youth activities on campus (this includes games and practices).