Marceline Staff Recognized

Several staff members were recognized for their service to the Marceline R-V School District at the end of school in-service on May 20th.   Pictured above from left to right: MR-V Board President Lex Cavanah, Dustin Watson, Abbey Cagle, Sis Lockwood, Cassie Meagher,  Carla Cagle, Meagan Wyatt, Velvet Dorrell, Lisa Hilsabeck, Amy Sportsman, Amy Newman, Kathy Harlan, Chasity Barnett, Regina Gall, Jill Gordon, MR-V Board Vice President Kim Corbin and Board Member Adam Stallo.

2022 Retirees:  Velvet Dorrell & Lisa Hilsabeck

2021-22 Teacher of the Year: Amy Newman

25 Years of Service:  Becky Edgar & Tobi Johnson (Not pictured - Joe Lodder)

20 Years of Service: Chasity Barnett (Not Pictured - Candi Ervie & Jeff Wright)

15 Years of Service: Meagan Wyatt

10 Years of Service: Regina Gall, Abbey Cagle, Carla Cagle, Sis Lockwood, Cassie Meagher, Jill Gordon & Amy Sportsman (Not Pictured - Glenn Ewigman)

5 Years of Service: Dustin Watson & Kathy Harlan